The Age of Trade

Session One

Deliverance of the Coffee Beans and other Adventures

Alistaer of Ash Hollow, Derrick Ingram, Darcelle Flatfire, Herexis Eras, and Nari Akiko Gray meet for the first time at the Tavern in Sutton. A mysterious duo drink in the corner. One is a dwarf with a nose that takes up 30% of his face, and the other is a cloaked figure with a disfigured face. The cloaked figure sent the group a round of free beer. Later, a red haired gnome enters the establishment, wearing a cloak with a newt pendent on it. The group chats a little longer, then heads to bed.

Daybreak: The monks have already risen. There are six of them, 3 with shaved heads (Ears, Nose, Dave) and three with hair (Brown, blonde, red). 3 barrels of beans are on a cart pulled by a weak donkey. Nari Akiko Gray gave the donkey a carrot to help it out. The barkeep is about to open his place and wishes the travelers a safe journey. The monks are concerned about our experience, but their goddess approves of us.

On the road, we encounter a mysterious bush, which turns out the be Merk, the traveling mudcrab merchant. Nari purchases 3 scrolls and a newspaper, while Al buys a health potion and a potion of intellect.

Farther down the road, the donkey collapses, and clearly won’t survive, so Nari kills the donkey to put it out of it’s misery. A little later, some approaching travelers seem to intend to steal our “cabbages” but Darcelle intimidates them with a glare and they go about their business.

As we enter the gate to Sunsonder, a barrel of beans rolls off the cart, but Nari stops it from getting too far with Prestidigitation and prevents it from bursting open while Herexis lifts it onto the cart. Shortly we make it to the Chapel to deliver the goods, and receive 40g each for our troubles.

As we are headed to the inn for the night, Nari attempts to steal a purse from a drunk but fails spectacularly. She gets away, as does Herexis, but Derrick is captured by the guards. Luckily, the guards agreed to let the victim decide what to do with Derrick, and he requests Derrick buy him a beer. Derrick skeptically agrees and heads to the inn to meet the others. After finishing his beer, the drunk disappears in the bathroom, and isn’t seen again. Shortly after the drunk has disappeared, Nari returns, and is berated for her actions, and agrees to practice more before stealing in Sunsonder again.

The next morning, Herexis, Nari, and Derrick visit the chapel to check in with the monks while Darcelle and Al perform other business. From there, we head to a famous umbrella shop, where we’re offered a job and given contact information as well as a map for the route of the missing cargo. The job needs to be completed by the midsummer celebration of the 200th anniversary of the peace agreement. Next, the 5 of us head to the ampitheatre where we hear the tale of the elven king.

Darcelle and I go to the toy shop while the boys head to the library. Mr. Tink is the toy maker, and loves making wooden toys. He promises to let Nari know how it goes with making a fox for Nari, so she gives him her contact info. Next we head to the library to meet up with the guys, and Herexis darts into the toy store to purchase a hoop and stick as well as a paddleball.

At the coliseum, we’re all given a set of binoculars, and watch a gruesome battle between the 4 contestants and their men as well as 40 direwolves. The Bastard wins.


pterwright Darcelle

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