The Age of Trade

Session Zero


Darcelle Flatfire : Human mercenary who used to be a soldier. She was forced to fight in the coliseum, and gained mercenary skills from both the coliseum and her time as a soldier. She is from Aldcrest, but has spent a lot of time in Ustor. Her motivation is a hatred for slavers and those who abuse their power.

Derrick Ingram : Former Aldish soldier, Ingram is a human fighter who was fighting against Ustorian slavers when a cadre of his soldiers perished in an ambush. Blaming himself, he abandoned his post. Now, he lives as a hermit and works as an escort for pilgrims. He’s a fairly religious individual, and turns to the faith when he is bummed. (Which is often).

Herexis Eras : Spent most of his time in Sunsonder until he was compelled to leave 4 years ago for unknown reasons. He has since traveled southern Eliver, following the edge of the forest, and parts of Obrey. His known motivations are to discover the details of his father’s death and to fuel his wanderlust.

Alistaer of Ash Hollow : Alchemist apprentice who lived in one of the forests of Obrey away from major cities. His master has gone missing, and Al is looking for him.

Nari Akiko Gray : Nari is a human sorcerer who is very conversational and excels at providing distractions. She traveled in a gypsy band with her parents until the age of 13, at which point her aunt’s family needed help on the farm. Nari volunteered to go spend time there and help out. Now, she’s 18, and with the blessing of her aunt’s family, she’s headed out to explore the world and catch up with her parents again.


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